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RO System Concepts

Water under pressure is passed through membrane having pure dia of 0.0001um that removes all bacteria and viruses with more than 90 to 95% of dissolved salts and only allows required residual minerals and pure water molecules. Purified water is then collected for use in a storage tank and water impurities are flushed through reject port.

  How Does R.O. System Works
Stage 1:
The 1st layer micron PP filter impurities of bigger size. e.g. ferrous metal, sand, macro-organisms etc.
Stage 2:
The second filter cartridge of 1 micron PP absorb chlorine, methyle chloroform, chemical materials & odour from water.
Stage 3:
The third Chamber is activated carbon. Activated carbon absorb the odour, smell, chemical, organic chemicals, pesticides, protein, fat, insect expellants, chlorine etc.
Stage 4:
Semi purified ater is passed through world renowned Reverse Osmosis membrane with .0001 micron pores which removes all Bacteria & Viruses. In the stage dissolved Salts, Heavy Metals are reduced to 90% & higher.
Stage 5:
Post activated carbon cleaned water will pass through a precise activated carbon which enhance the natural flavour of water suitable for human coonsumption.

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